Your Old Car, A Love Story

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Americans have a generational love affair with their cars.  But, what happens when that old car that carried you on that first date, brought you to work, and delivered the kids to school just will not start one more time?  Is this a tragic love story like “A Star is Born” or is it more of a happy ending kind of rom-com.

It’s a love story for sure with many plot twists and turns, even an occasional villain, but the story for that old car in your driveway can have a happy ending.

Facts About the Automobile Industry

  • The automobile is the most heavily recycled consumer product in North America.  
  • Every year America retires or recycles about 12 million vehicles.  
  • Cars 16 years or older are the fastest growing sector of vehicles on the road today.
  • Most car donation programs are scams preying on donors best intentions.
  • It’s important that your listeners hear about the do’s and dont’s of auto recycling and car donations.


Consumers often ask ‘what is the most effective method to deal with end-of-life vehicles?’  We can help answer that question and tell you about an amazing industry you might know nothing about.

Advanced Remarketing Services will surprise you.  ARS is focused entirely on the end of the vehicle life-cycle.  Not a junkyard or scrap operation, ARS is a technology company that helps make responsible recycling decisions easy.  

The auto recycling industry is the 16th largest industry in the country.  It’s run by smart companies, great entrepreneurs and teams of people determined to get this right for the environment.  However, for your friend in the driveway, accessing the best in class operations often requires wading through a pile of junk car schemes and car donation scams.  There’s a whole sub-industry of people trying to separate consumers from their junk car.

How Advanced Remarketing Services can help you handle the ending of your old car love story.

We help navigate the shifting landscape of the end-of-life vehicle and get owners and donors taken care of.

Our You Call We Haul and Rough Trade applications connect sellers and buyers to end of life vehicles.  Not to mention ARS is the company behind the best vehicle donation program in the United States, working with top charities like Habitat for Humanity, American Cancer Society, US Fund for UNICEF and many others,  ARS has raised over $160 million dollars for charity and is the gold standard in the car donation industry, returning over 80% of every dollar back to the charities which it supports as opposed to other shady car donation programs that return less than 15% of every dollar so they can line their own pockets.  Everyone can have a sweet ending to your car love story, it doesn’t have to be a tear jerker.

Our President and CEO, and recent recipient of the “Best for RI” Award, Joe Hearn, would love to speak with you and your audience about the End-of-Life Vehicle, Auto Recycling and how ARS is making the car donation process more trustworthy and efficient.

The biggest industry you know nothing about.

Joe HearnYour Old Car, A Love Story

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