11 Reasons Why We Love Autos (And You Should, Too!)

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There are so many reasons to love autos…all kinds.  Here are our favorites:

F – A – S – T !!
Relatively speaking, they’re the most accessible (and cheapest) way to move really fast.  Sure, it may be cheaper to take the bus, but it sure doesn’t move as fast as a car can!

It Makes the World Seem Smaller
Hop in your car and drive 8 hours and in most places, you’ll discover a different world.  ESPECIALLY if you’re on the East Coast of the US.

Working on Cars Give Us Power
There’s no feeling quite like bringing a car back from death row.  Tools.  Grease.  Auto parts.  Oil. You come to realize the joy Dr. Frankenstein felt when he shouted, “It’s moving!…It’s Alive!  Oh, it’s alive!!”

When We Want to Be Alone
Solace.  Privacy.  Read a book.  Watch a sunset.  Cry.  Tell secrets.  Drive a sleeping baby around town.  Share a moment.  Scream.  Belt out your favorite tune.  Curse.  Have a heart-to-heart.  Confess.  Cheat on your diet.  Pray.  Sleep.  Listen to an audiobook.

When We Want to Be Together
From family reunions, weddings, parties, and simple visits, to moving across the country to a new job or bringing home a child from college.  Autos embrace us and bring us where we need to go.

Getting Your Driver’s License
This life event is simply i-n-d-e-p-e-n-d-e-n-c-e.  You long for it.  You prepare for it.  You never forget it.

Coming Home
The sound of pulling up to the house reminds pets and little kids to run to the window or door to smother us with love when we walk through the door.

Pick-up Trucks
Sexy.  Guy driving or girl driving.  There’s something basic, earthy and just plain sexy about it.

We should all be the kind of person who lets the wind run through our hair.  Worry less…fret less, enjoy the sun, the air, the moon.  Open and free!

Monster Trucks
Everybody loves a show.  Monster trucks are true spectacles.  Enormous tires, ear piercing engines, trucks digging up dirt and taking flight rev anyone’s heartbeat.

They Change Lives…And Can Even Save Them!
Donating your vehicle to charity helps raise much-needed money for needy nonprofits.  Your donation can help your favorite charity change the life of someone in need. Donating is fast, easy, and rewarding.  Call at 877-999-8322 or visit us today to get started or learn more.  And, don’t forget to tell us your favorite thing about your auto.

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Emily Kelley11 Reasons Why We Love Autos (And You Should, Too!)

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