Car Talk Radio & Car Donation

In honor of World Radio Day, we would like to honor the radio and one of our partners – Car Talk Radio and car donation. The History of the Radio, Car Talk, and Car Donations 1900-1930: Discovery – Testing – Mainstream Wireless Telegraph was mainly used by Navy Fleets in the San Francisco ports and

End of the Year…ALREADY?!

I think I saw…no, I KNOW I saw some bright orange leaves on a tree in my yard this weekend. You know what that means.  Fall is coming! Let’s face it…we’re way more than halfway through the year and before you know it we’ll find ourselves preparing for the holidays with cooking, shopping, planning and

For Some, It’s Hard to Say “Goodbye”

“I hated saying goodbye to my beloved car. The only thing that made it better was the feeling of knowing that it was going to help WYSO.” – Heather Bailey, Ohio It can be hard to say “goodbye” to a trusty and much-loved vehicle. What makes it easier is knowing that your car will support

Honda Civic Tops the 2014 List for UNICEF

Realizing he could support valuable programs and services by making a car donation to charity, a New York man did just that with his 2010 Hybrid Honda Civic in hopes of providing valuable funds for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF’s worthy programs.  What he didn’t realize was his donation would be the organization’s top-grossing vehicle

MA Woman Donates Car to American Cancer Society

A Local Donation A Massachusetts woman recently donated her car to the American Cancer Society in honor of cancer patients everywhere.    A survivor herself, Joanne remembers her personal fight to battle lung cancer.  It started in 2011 with an accidental discovery and unexpected diagnosis, followed by surgery to remove a malignant tumor.   Although it was

Moving Back Home for the Summer Could Lead to a Surprise Tax Deduction

The time is here.  The school year has ended and the dorms are closing for the summer.  You’re finally scheduled to pick up your son or daughter (or both) from college and they’ll be all yours for the next 3 months. You arrive at the dorm to find boxes, bags and milk crates, furniture and