Looking to Grow Professionally and Personally? We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring! If you are looking for a company that helps you grow professionally and personally then look no further. We are looking to fill a few roles within our company. We are looking for friendly, smart, and outgoing people to join our team.   We are currently hiring for the following positions: Customer Experience

United Recyclers Group 2016 Conference

Our General Manager Kelly and Marlayna are at the 2016 United Recyclers Group Conference in San Antonio, Texas. URG is a well known and established company. It was founded by three auto recyclers in 1995. Our mission is to lead the industry in providing superior products and services tailored to the operational needs of automotive

Earth Day 2016 #DirtySockChallenge

Today we decided to do something fun for Earth Day. We saw a challenge online called the Dirty Sock Challenge so we decided to test it out. How the #DirtySockChallenge works is: Have a new white sock. Place it on the tailpipe of your vehicle. Start your vehicle and let it run for one minute.

data security

ARS: Data Security

From identity theft to credit card breaches, Americans are impacted by inadequate data security policies every year, leaving many unsure of which organizations to trust. The need for greater data security is increasing as more and more businesses offer their customers enhanced services which require the handling, transfer, and storage of personal information. For organizations

road sign scams

Charity Scams and Scammers: Absolute Villains

These scams have to stop. Recently, the Federal Trade Commission and regulators for all 50 States filed complaints alleging that a family group and members of their church congregation bilked donors of $187 million over five years. That number again is $187,000,000!!!!!! The complaints identify four connected groups operating as “personal fiefdoms” and “sham charities”. The


The Newport Experience

Every once in a while, you’ve got to change things up.  Get face-to-face with an experience outside your norm.  We did that…all of us…last night on a company-hosted sunset sail aboard the beautiful Schooner Aurora, a 101′ sailboat out of Newport, Rhode Island. Staff from all departments along with their guests filled the boat donning novelty

environmental safety

Environmental Safety Remains Focus of Industry Partners

When the Department of Environmental Management steps in to manage industry regulations, the discussion typically turns to government overreach. That’s not the case in Rhode Island, where officials were happy to announce a productive agreement between the state and Rhode Island Recycled Metals corporation. Although the company will need to address hazardous waste on its