Car Talk Radio & Car Donation

In honor of World Radio Day, we would like to honor the radio and one of our partners – Car Talk Radio and car donation. The History of the Radio, Car Talk, and Car Donations 1900-1930: Discovery – Testing – Mainstream Wireless Telegraph was mainly used by Navy Fleets in the San Francisco ports and

For Some, It’s Hard to Say “Goodbye”

“I hated saying goodbye to my beloved car. The only thing that made it better was the feeling of knowing that it was going to help WYSO.” – Heather Bailey, Ohio It can be hard to say “goodbye” to a trusty and much-loved vehicle. What makes it easier is knowing that your car will support

Honoring Car Talk

My daughter was about 3 years old when we would drive across town on Saturday mornings and listen to Car Talk. I laughed and she enjoyed the fact that it seemed fun even if she didn’t understand it. She is finishing her second year of medical school now and has all of the podcasts so