Scrap Metal Market: April 2017

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Five in a row for the Scrap Metal Market report!  Last month the national average price of crushed auto bodies kept up the streak of positive growth.  Up by slightly over 6%, the national average is now about $185.  This is the highest the average has reached since August 2016 and a 52% increase over the same time period last year.  This equates to nearly a $64 increase.  Still a far cry from 2011-2014 when the national average was about 40% higher.

This month the biggest increased incurred in Zone 2, highlighted in the lighter shade of red in the map below.  This zone increased by almost 13%.  Zone 3 (in white) also increased by just over 10%.

A recent article from The American Recycler support this stating that stainless steel and aluminum prices have shown slight increases in both the U.S. and Canada.  In reference to the competitive recycled metal’s marketplace we are in, the author describes how companies are dealing with hit.

As companies decrease profit margins in the hopes of grabbing a piece of this ever-shrinking pie, many have also tried to expand and become more of a “one stop shop” to handle as many commodities as possible. – “Recycled Metals Market: Making a Comeback,” Maura Heller

  1. Recycled Metals Market: Making a Comeback, Maura Heller
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Zack LaskyScrap Metal Market: April 2017

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