Nigerian Student Uses Scrap Metal to Create Wind and Solar Powered Vehicle

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It’s amazing how properly recycling your vehicle at the end of its life-cycle, whether through car donation, or even deciding to junk a car can generate something so positive! Whether it’s assisting with getting some great nonprofits further funding, or efficiently recycling your vehicle, so that some brilliant individuals can utilize their visions to create something cool, and exciting!

I’m talking about Segun Oyeyiola, an engineering student in Nigeria, whom, in a true display of creativity, and ingenuity has built a multi-alternative fuel vehicle. Namely, this is a vehicle that has the capability of being powered by both solar, and wind power. Mr. Oyeyiola began creating this vehicle using the shell of a VW Beetle and then installed its various parts from scrap metal that was donated to him by his friends and family. He then proceeded to insert a wind turbine within the vehicle and has placed solar panels upon the roof of the vehicle. His inventiveness doesn’t stop there! He has also installed a GPS within the vehicle and is creating apps that will track the amount of energy that is left to power the vehicle.1

Mr. Oyeyiola was motivated to build this vehicle by his deep personal commitment of wishing to reduce global carbon emissions.2 Currently, the vehicle’s battery takes four to five hours to charge, and modifications are currently still being made to improve the charge time. It seems that Mr. Oyeyiola considers this vehicle to be a prototype and that his goal is to develop this vehicle someday into a line of premier, domestic automobiles for Nigeria. Depending on his level of success from future modifications, I’d be willing to bet that this could be a vehicle that will certainly find a market of buyers beyond Nigeria. His story is just another great example of a global trend of creative genius and ingenuity that we’re viewing worldwide involving the use of scrap metal. It’s a trend that I’m loving and I’m looking forward to see further examples in the future of innovation around the globe simply using recycled automotive parts.

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S.A. StevensonNigerian Student Uses Scrap Metal to Create Wind and Solar Powered Vehicle

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