Historic Steel Recycling Facts

Did you know that…?

1) Since World War II, the North American steel industry has reduced its energy intensity by 60%. This conservation of energy has also contributed to a significant reduction in the generation of carbon dioxide.

2) The North American steel industry has achieved a 90% reduction in the discharge of air and water emissions versus 10 years ago.

3) Since the first Earth Day in 1970, the steel companies in North America have invested more than $7.5 billion in capital equipment for the control of water and air pollution and the treatment of solid waste.

4) The amount of energy needed to produce a ton of steel has been reduced by 34% since 1972.

5) Steel parts are more dent-resistant and are up to 30 percent stronger than they were a decade ago.

S.A. StevensonHistoric Steel Recycling Facts

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