Virginia Car Buyers: A Friendly Hello

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This month, Advanced Remarketing Services will enhance our online marketplace and low fee services with a large volume of newly repossessed vehicles in Virginia.

Many are drivable and have original titles! No matter your interest, these vehicles will fit every market appetite. We offer salvage, charity, and consumer vehicles. We have large, consistent volume of cars and trucks with low fees. Visit for more information.

On Saturday, April 9 at 7pm, ARS will debut our latest video ad during the grand opening of the Dominion Raceway in Thornburg, Virginia. The new complex includes: a two-mile road course, a 4/10ths mile paved NASCAR oval, 1/8th mile drag strip, and festival concert venue. Visit for more information.

Advanced Remarketing Services: Virginia

Advanced Remarketing Services offers licensed and insured dismantlers and recyclers a chance to tap into consumer, insurance, and non-profit vehicle streams. We can enhance your operations with opportunities to purchase damaged vehicles, parts vehicles, low value units, specialty units and end of life volume – catering to every appetite, from the smallest to the largest buyer.

Our platform offers the lowest cost way for you to buy cars and the returns go to the seller not all dried up in fees. Opportunities of all types for your local business. We listen to our partners and try to make buying from ARS easy and profitable. For licensed buyers we’re the best place to be.

Ethan Frederick GrantVirginia Car Buyers: A Friendly Hello

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