End of the Year…ALREADY?!

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I think I saw…no, I KNOW I saw some bright orange leaves on a tree in my yard this weekend. You know what that means.  Fall is coming! Let’s face it…we’re way more than halfway through the year and before you know it we’ll find ourselves preparing for the holidays with cooking, shopping, planning and attending parties, and considering our end-of-year charitable contributions. You know how it is once school starts…the fall schedule kicks in with back-to-school readiness…then sports and recreational activities start-up…followed by Halloween…family and class reunions…then Thanksgiving seamlessly turns into Christmas and Hanukkah, then the New Year is upon us. It seems the next four months are the busiest and fastest moving months of the year.

Suggestion: check one item off that crazy task list now!

Which one? How about the “Make my end-of-the-year charitable contribution for tax purposes”?

Why make an end-of-the-year charitable donation? We do it to ease our income tax burden, and to help those in need. One of the best ways to hit that mark is to donate your VEHICLE to your favorite charity. Not only will you be helping an organization with much-needed cash and helping yourself by cutting your operating and maintenance expenses on that old gas-guzzler, but you’ll be helping the environment by taking an older, less efficient and certainly less “green” car off the road, pavement, lawn, driveway (wherever you park it).  And, it’s nice to have one less thing to think about as you enter the craziest, busiest months of the year.

Call or visit us today to score your favorite charity a handsome cash donation, yourself a valuable tax deduction come next January, and a shorter to-do list this holiday season! Don’t have a favorite charity? No problem! We can help you decide! Start here.

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Emily KelleyEnd of the Year…ALREADY?!

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