In This Business We See the Good in People

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Dad always said if you’ve got good news and bad news…finish with the good news. It leaves your listener feeling better. So, here it goes…

The bad news is it’s becoming a challenge to remember that most people are good and that the world is a great, beautiful place filled with kind, helpful people. We’re increasingly busier and more stressed because of full schedules, and inundated with frightening, sad, and shocking information from way too many sources. It’s hard to see through the “noise” to realize the world IS in fact a great, beautiful place filled with kind and helpful people. It’s not difficult to accept this idea because I know it’s true and see examples of greatness every day. The trouble is that social media is so good at being “social”, one negative story travels inexplicably fast to the eyes and ears of others and saturates all information venues that it ends up being an obsession.   It shrinks our world and becomes a fixation – sometimes an obsession – until the next negative story grips our attention. This circular negativity can lead us to believe the world is a big, scary, unfriendly place.

The good news it’s NOT that way – people ARE good, and kind, and caring. In this business of vehicle donations, we constantly are reminded of the kindness and generosity in the world. Dozens of people call our office daily to talk with us about car donations to charity in hopes of making a difference for someone in need. Some donors remain anonymous…while others seize the opportunity to tell their story of loss and illness, support and healing, recovery and life. It’s those personal stories we need to celebrate. It’s those stories that make us realize that despite the challenges, life is good and people are driven to make a positive difference through kindness. Let’s generate a social culture that supports and cultivates greatness in all of us. We will certainly do our part, by passing along more of those real life stories – it’s our company culture. Perhaps you have a story to share that we’ll learn through your vehicle donation.

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Lisa CrowellIn This Business We See the Good in People