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From identity theft to credit card breaches, Americans are impacted by inadequate data security policies every year, leaving many unsure of which organizations to trust.

The need for greater data security is increasing as more and more businesses offer their customers enhanced services which require the handling, transfer, and storage of personal information. For organizations on the leading edge, maintaining ‘data integrity’ is no longer just about “assuring accuracy and consistency of data”; it has become a promise to protect the identity and privacy of every customer.

data security

Of course, excellent customer service is also our priority.”

For Advanced Remarketing Services (ARS) brands, including Car Donation Wizard and You Call We Haul, protecting customer data is paramount. From the moment users type “car donation”, “donate car”, or “junk car” into a search engine, ARS best practices and policies build trust with consumers. Strict policies on Access Control, Backups, Disaster Recovery, Encryption, Network Security, and Physical Security govern every procedure carried out by employees. “Of course, excellent customer service is also our priority,” says Joe Hearn, President & CEO of ARS.

About ARS
Advanced Remarketing Services offers innovative solutions to some of the remarketing industry’s toughest questions. We navigate the confusing landscape of wholesale, salvage and consumer markets to sell the vehicles in the best venue to the most appropriate buyer base.

Ethan Frederick GrantARS: Data Security

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