April Showers Bring May Flowers

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You’ve heard this old adage before, but it’s really true!  At least the part about May bringing flowers is true.  At least here in our office it’s true.

Every Tuesday, clients of the James L. Maher Center, like David Blank in the photo to the right, bring vases of flowers to employees in our office who participate in the Center’s “Blossoms Bud Vase” program.  Through the program, our employees pay a nominal fee to have a beautiful bunch of fresh flowers brought to them in a lovely vase for their desk.

All Blossoms Bud Vase arrangements are grown by clients of the Maher Center Day Workshop Program for adults with developmental disabilities who also hand make the Blossom Bud Vases and prepare them for delivery. The arrangements are fresh, vibrant, colorful and different every week. They add beauty, life and warmth to our office. And, without fail, the delivery of our weekly blossoms evokes a special comment, memory, or story from an employee from, “Tulips!  My mother’s favorite!” to, “I carried Alstroemeria in my wedding bouquet!”  Plus, flowers help improve the air quality of indoor environments, which makes everyone happier.

What makes it even more beautiful is that proceeds from the program support the Maher Center’s mission of providing services that advance independence and create opportunities for children and adults with developmental disabilities, helping them engage in life experiences and live their lives with dignity and respect.  “I look forward to Tuesday mornings because I know David will be here to greet me with a smile and an hug,” said Lana Patterson, ARS employee who organizes the company’s participation in the Blossoms program.  “The program makes such a positive impact on so many levels from the warmth the beautiful flowers and David bring to the office, to knowing we’re helping to empower the members of the Maher Center.”

In addition to the Blossom Bud Vase program, the Center offers many other quality and affordable commercial services from laundry and landscaping to business services.  It’s part of a program that offers Maher Center residents mentoring, on–the-job training, and the opportunity to fully engage in life experiences while providing a valuable service.

At ARS, we look for ways to more fully engage with our partners where and when we can.  This is one we enjoy most.  If you would like to support the Maher Center, consider donating your car, truck or van.  Find out more here.

About the James L Maher Center
The James L. Maher Center is a Rhode Island non-profit organization devoted to providing a broad range of services that advance independence and create opportunities for children and adults with developmental disabilities, their families and the community.

Lisa CrowellApril Showers Bring May Flowers