A Wicked Advanced Remarketing Services Halloween

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Every year at Advanced Remarketing Services we have our annual Halloween Party. Each year a theme is chosen and we get to choose a winning group/costume. However, this year we decided to split up in teams by department. So Remarketing, Communications 1 & 2, Buyer Relations, Accounting, Insurance Services and Management had to work together amongst themselves and come up with their own theme and costumes. Our IT department did not have a theme of their own this year, but Jose and Jason offered to be our judges for this fun contest. Thanks guys!

It was exciting to come to work on this day and see all the creativity from my fellow coworkers. Communications 1, the department I am in, chose to be different types of candy. This was especially fun because our shirts were hand crafted right at home to represent each candy we chose! Communications 2 chose the theme of Gotham City. Their costumes were pretty awesome and for a second it felt like I was at Comic Con. Good job guys! Our Titles department dressed up as the characters from Scooby Doo. They even went out of their way to create their very own cardboard Mystery Van. I was quite impressed!

As for our Accounting department they chose the theme of Fort Knox, they were the “Accounting Army”! My favorite part about theirs was that they gave out 100 Grand candy bars. Lana the General Ledger, Kay the Private Investor and Gina the “Petty Cash” officer! Great pun you guys!  Buyer Relations, Remarketing, and Insurance Services unknowingly chose almost the same themes…I didn’t realize we had so many Mario enthusiasts!  Remarketing and Insurances services did their own take on dressing up to represent Mario Kart whereas Buyer relations represented the Classic Mario Brothers. I loved all of their creativity that brought these fictional characters to life!

Lastly, our Management department here at ARS chose to dress up as the Peanuts from the classic Charlie Brown. Their group photo was pretty awesome. Joe made a great Snoopy! As for our contest winner…congratulations to Titles with their Scooby Doo theme! Our 2nd runner up was accounting with their Fort Knox inspired Accounting Soldiers theme! Our 3rd runner up was Remarketing with their Mario Kart theme! This event is one of my favorites that we have here at ARS. It allows us to all work together on something both fun and creative at work. I believe building good relationships in a work atmosphere increases productivity and positivity. Congrats to the Halloween costume contest winners and runner ups, and to everyone great job!

Shawna JolyA Wicked Advanced Remarketing Services Halloween

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