2001 Toyota Camry

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“(My son) Richard got this 2001 Camry upon graduation from law school 2 years ago.  Then he was involved in an accident.  Fortunately, no one was hurt, but as he was driving home on the highway after the accident, his car hood flew off – literally!!!! Fortunately, it propelled off to the side of the road. The repair cost estimate was over $3700, which was more than the value of the car. Richard had the brilliant idea of using plastic and duck tape to cover the car in lieu of a hood.  He drove it this way for approximately 4 months, intending to get a junk yard hood as a replacement eventually. (You can note from the picture, perhaps, that the engine had burned through the plastic and was now getting rusty from exposure!).

“Recently, he drove the car from his home in Louisville, KY, to visit in Fort Wayne, IN. While his car was parked in my driveway, I carelessly BACKED INTO IT, breaking the headlight, further denting the fender, etc.  I call it serendipity, because I wasn’t thrilled he was driving a car in that condition!  All ended well when Richard was able to find and purchase a good used (car) that afternoon.

“Our first thought was to part out the car.  However, we remembered hearing on the radio (WBNI, our local NRP station) that NPR accepted donated cars.  What better way to support media we both love?  It was a “no-brainer”!  So thank you for all the wonderful shows on both PBS and NPR.  My Wednesday nights are reserved for “NOVA” and “Nature”, and we both watched the show about the end of the Vietnam War last night.  My radio is tuned ONLY to NPR, and I listen to it nonstop when I’m in my car, or whenever I’m able to listen at home.”

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Lisa Crowell2001 Toyota Camry